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Make up *  Hairstyling * Microblading by Marzena 


       Picture this perfect, magic moment of Your Wedding Day:  Your Walk Down the Aisle.        

      The entire Wedding begins when you, looking absolutely beautiful slowly walk to meet your groom.

      Everyone is looking at you. Your wedding guests and your future husband cannot wait to finally see how amazing are you going to look on that special day. Your beautiful wedding dress, charming smile,  pure happiness on your face...

    There's a lot that goes into that moment. It's a serene, almost out-of-body experience. And there are pieces you need to have in place in order to make that moment special. This moment that will last in your heart forever.


      Let me help you to enhance this and every other moment of your Wedding Day by providing my makeup and hairstyling services. So you could feel confident, special, and absolutely beautiful.


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